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Before and After School Care

We have the service of the Rio Grande Collaborative Before school program here at Mountain View and their service runs from 6:45a.m. until 8:30 a.m.  We also have the services of RGEC in the afternoon on site.  Bernalillo County Parks and Recreation after school program is also available at the community center. Their program runs from 3:45 p.m. until 6 p.m. Parents are encouraged to use these programs is daycare is necessary.


Please discourage students from riding their bicycles to school. The traffic is unsafe for bike riders on Second Street.

Bilingual Program

Mountain View has a dual language 50/50 bilingual program this year for kindergarten, first, and second grade. Students in this class will receive the same instruction as other classrooms. The difference is half the time they will get the instruction in Spanish to develop reading and writing skills in Spanish. Mountain View also implements a Maintenance model for its Bilingual program. Spanish and English language development are focus points in the program as well as English as a Second language. The model employs both languages in reading, writing, listening, and understanding the concepts taught in Language Arts and Mathematics.

Breakfast in the Classroom

All students receive a free breakfast in the classroom daily.  Students will pick up a breakfast from the cafeteria and take it back to their classroom to eat during the first 15 minutes of school. Students may choose to bring their own breakfast from home to eat during breakfast in their classroom.


Procedure for REPORTING an incident of Bullying Behavior is as follows:

  • Parents and Students are encouraged to report any incidents of bullying behavior to any of Mountain View’s school staff.


School policy on RESPONDING to incidents of Bullying Behavior is as follows:

  • Reported incidents are investigated and documented. The student who is alleged to be bullying and the victim are interviewed separately.

  • The parents of the victim and person exhibiting the bullying behavior are notified.

  • All incidents of bullying are viewed as serious offenses.

The victim may be referred to the School Counselor to help learn skills that will empower them to be assertive with people that are presenting bullying behavior.


If disciplinary steps are warranted, the student whom is bullying will be:

  • Warned officially to stop offending.

  • Advised that if they do not stop the behavior, they will be requested to remain at home for one day to reflect on their behavior.

  • Referred to the School Counselor when they return to school to learn alternative skills of resolving peer conflict.

  • Advised that if the behavior continues, he/she will be recommended for suspension for a period of up to 3 days and additional services will be suggested.