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Cafeteria/Lunch Rules

  1. All Children are to eat lunch unless they have permission from the office to do otherwise. Parents are to provide a written request for each and every exception.

  2. All children should eat their lunch in the cafeteria unless they have permission from the teacher to eat elsewhere.

  3. Children should remain seated until they are finished eating. They will be dismissed by those on duty.

  4. Children are to eat quietly at the tables.

  5. Children will be responsible for cleaning their own table space.

  6. Children will not carry food out of the cafeteria.

  7. Children should eat their own lunch and not that of others.

  8. Misconduct in the cafeteria can lead to loss of this privilege.

  9. Teachers will escort students to the cafeteria and distribute lunch cards unless otherwise instructed.


Eat with good manners when eating your food.
Say “please” & “thank you.”
Use Level 3 or lower when speaking.



Listen to the teacher on duty.
Listen to the cafeteria staff.


Well prepared!

Wash your hands.
Say your lunch number loud and clear.
Clean up your area and stack your tray.



Walk to the cafeteria.
Stand in a straight line.
Go straight to the table and be seated.


Candy and gum are inappropriate at school and should be left at home. Food incentives provided by teachers will be consumed in the classroom with the teacher’s supervision.

Changes in Address/Phone Numbers

Please check with the office periodically to verify addresses and telephone numbers so that our files can contain accurate information. All parents should have working telephone number where they may be reached during the school day. Please advise the office if there are any changes to your student’s home contact information. Please remember the main school number for anyone calling Mountain View is 505-877-3800.


Mountain View Elementary has the services of a counselor five days a week. Our counselor works with children and parents in connection with typical development issues. Programs of a preventative nature are also offered. Parents should feel free to contact the counselor about home problems that may affect your child’s schoolwork. Please feel free to contact the counselor at 505-877-3800 ext 52646.