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Early Childhood Literacy Program

The Early Childhood Literacy program is designed to facilitate the language and auditory needs of kindergarten and first grade students. The children are screened to determine their strengths and needs.

Early Release of Students

Children are not to be excused to leave the school during school hours unless a PARENT OR AUTHORIZED PERSON WHO IS 18 YEARS OLD WITH A PHOTO I.D. comes to the office and signs them out. Teachers will be notified to send the child to the office with their things. If a parent goes to the classroom, they will be redirected back to the office to follow proper procedure. Dismissal for outside school activities, except for illness, is not acceptable. A child who is ill and needs to go home must check out in the office before leaving. A child leaving school without permission should be brought to the attention of the office immediately.


Beginning August 18, 2010, parents will not be able to sign out their children to leave if it is 3:30 p.m. or later. The students will need to wait until the dismissal bell at 3:45 p.m. The last few minutes of the day teachers are passing out important information, homework, etc. and removing students during this time is very disruptive. We thank you for your understanding in this matter.


School is occasionally closed early due to storms, heating problems, water issues, etc. In such an event, a release is made by the news media. Arrangements must be made in advance s that your child will know where to go when released early.

Evacuation Procedures

1. School evacuation drills will take place. Routes will be inspected by safety committee the day before the drill.


  • Students will walk single file and against the fence, staying away from the road.

  • Stay away from mailboxes and any other hazardous areas.

  • Support staff will be stationed along the route to direct the them and make sure they are staying away from hazardous areas.

  • Record books will be in the possession of the teachers at all times.

  • Student count will be sent to the office after the drill.

  • Seriousness of this drill must be emphasized by the teachers.

2. In case of a real evacuation situation, parents will be notified through the new media and the following would apply:

  • Buses would pick up students at Shirk Lane and Barr Road. The route can extend as far as Clark Rd, if necessary.

  • Students would be taken to Rio Grande High School and remain there until parents pick them up.

  • All Mt. View Staff members are required to ride buses with the children and help supervise at Rio Grande High School.