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Parent Concerns/Questions

Parents having concerns about their child’s progress in school should first contact the child’s teacher and make arrangements for a discussion. This usually alleviates the concern. Should the issue continue, do not hesitate to contact the principal, who will arrange for a parent/teacher/principal conference.

Family participation is encouraged in the selection of educational settings for your child. The staff and principal make final determination for student placement. (Please note: No placements are considered final until after the 20th day.) If you believe that a change in placement is needed, the following steps must be followed:

  1. Arrange a conference with the teacher to discuss specific concerns.
  2. Address specific concerns and solution in writing.
  3. Solutions and modifications to concerns must be documented for a minimum of three (3) weeks.
  4. A conference with the teacher after the three (3) weeks to determine success of solutions or changes necessary.
  5. If, after this process has been followed and original concerns is/are not resolved, a conference with the teacher and principal will be arranged to discuss placement options.

The principal, counselor, secretary, and clerk are always ready to help with questions of a more general nature as well. Please communicate with us.

Parent Involvement

Parent/community involvement is encouraged at Mountain View. You are always welcome in classrooms after first checking in at the main office. An advanced phone call or a note to the teacher is an added courtesy when possible. Conferences with teachers should be arranged in advance to avoid schedule conflicts. Everyone is urged to join and actively participate in our Community Action Team (CAT). We welcome volunteers in the classroom, in the health room, and in all CAT activities. Parents are required to have background checks if working with students unsupervised or attending field trips.

Personal Electronic Devices (PED)

PEDs include, but are not limited to, cell phones, pagers, music and media players, gaming devices, tablets, and laptop computers. PEDs may be used before or after the school day ONLY and must be turned off and kept out of sight during school hours. The school will not be responsible for damage or theft of the item.

If a student violates this policy the PED will be confiscated by school staff and taken to the office. Only the parent/guardian may pick up the PED at the end of the school day. For the second offense the PED will remain in the office for 7 days before it may be picked up by the parent/guardian. If there is a third offense the PED will remain in the office until the end of the trimester before it may be picked up by the parent/guardian.

Physical Education

Mountain View is served by two full time physical education teachers. All students are expected to participate in the activities instructed. If a child is ill, the child should remain home. Please send a note if your child is unable to participate due to a physical injury. A doctor’s note may be required.

Pick-up/Drop-off Parking


  • Enter through the north gate/driveway of the school campus
  • Be aware and observant of the orange cones
  • Maintain a single file line
  • Pull forward as directed by school staff members
  • Children may exit or enter cars only along paved sidewalk
  • You may carefully and slowly pull out of line to exit after loading/unloading
  • If you visit with someone in another car or on the sidewalk, please park in the spaces allotted for this purpose
  • If you choose to park and wait for your child, please meet your child on the sidewalk
  • Exit the parking lot through the south gate/driveway of the school campus
  • NO pick-up from cars is allowed at the Shirk Lane pedestrian exit

Your cooperation is necessary to ensure the safety of our children. We all need to remember that we are examples for our children. If we expect our children to be respectful, caring, and responsible, the as adults we need to put these traits into practice at all times and places, including our pick-up and drop-off areas. Please follow these guidelines carefully.

Playground Discipline Plan

Our playground rules consists of:

  1. Students will follow directions the first time they are given.

  2. Students will play on the playground and not play where it is unsafe (behind kindergarten building, portables, on trash cans, etc.)

  3. Students will use playground equipment properly (not standing up on the swings, etc.)

  4. Students will not fight.

  5. Students will not play with dangerous objects (throwing rocks, sticks, etc.)

  6. Students will immediately line up when the bell rings.

  7. Students will show respect to all staff members and other students.


Be respectful to teachers and students.
Keep your hands to yourself.



Know and follow the playground rules.


Well prepared!

When the bell rings, line up immediately, quietly, and orderly on your designated classroom line.



Stay safe at all times on the playground & when using the playground equipment.


First consequence  Warning
Second consequence   Sit down and not play
Third consequence Disciplinary Referral Form to the student’s teacher for detention
Behavior Referral Duty teacher fills out Referral Form and sends it with the student directly to the principal’s office. (Example: fighting, rock throwing, etc.)