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Hi. My name is Derek Ward, the school counselor at Mountain View Elementary. I enjoy being a part of a wonderful support team! My on-going goal and priority is to be a support resource, serving the needs of our students, parents, and our administration. The counseling program consists of a variety of services which includes:

  • Classroom guidance - In which I assist students in developing strong social skills, friendship, respect, bullying awareness, and anti-bullying skills.
  • Individual counseling – All individual counseling sessions are considered short-term and solution-focused. If a student requires long-term counseling, assistance will be provided through appropriate referrals and staffing during our Health and Wellness team meetings. Our school does provide outside counseling services in which a contracted therapist is able to see a student for long-term, at school, and possibly by arrangement during non-school hours. Parent permission must be given for these individual sessions.
  • Small group – Small group sessions are based upon the need of our students. Any parent or staff can refer a student if they feel the student could benefit from a small group work setting. Parent permission, in written form, is needed for students to attend.
  • Attendance – I work in conjunction with our administration and district officials in addressing concerns regarding excessive absences and tardies.
  • Career fair – Each year we hold a career fair for students to explore various career fields. Representatives from various job sites in our area attend. I also go to classrooms to discuss career exploration and topics.
  • I am available by appointment. Please feel free to call Mountain View Elementary at 877-3800 ext. 52602 to schedule an appointment.
  • Peer Mediation Program – The peer mediation program uses 5th grade student volunteers to help guide students, in minor conflicts and disagreements, towards a greater understanding of both the issues and disagreements that have occurred with another student, in order to avoid escalation of that particular issue. The program attempts to have students, with aid of mediators, initially try and solve minor disagreements on their own, coming up with compromises that both parties can agree upon.


  • Derek Ward, Counselor

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