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Health Room

Mountain View has the services of a part-time nurse and a full-time health assistant. If there are any health concerns or other issues we should be familiar with please inform the nurse and/or health assistant.

In accordance with state law, all students are required to have up-to-date immunizations. If you have any questions regarding the status of your child’s immunizations, please contact the nurse and/or health assistant.

In case of injury or illness, we must be able to reach you or your emergency contact if necessary. It is very important that you update your information regularly. Please notify us of any address changes, phone numbers, and as well as any other family or friends to call in case of emergency.

Nurse Assistant Services: Our school nurse assistant helps to monitor the health status of the school community. Her activities include:

  1. Establishing that immunizations are current.
  2. Screening vision and hearing.
  3. Checking general health: Teeth, hair, nails, posture, height, weight, hearing, and visual.
  4. Obtaining health histories
  5. Administering minor first aid

The nurse assistant is able to give medication and treatment at school when doctor’s orders are written on the APS approved form.

first aid kit
first aid kit